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James Audio Mk.7 Power Conditioner — 1kVA

Options: black fascia panel, green power switch


Consider owning an exotic sports car, fashioned by its makers to be a creation of unbridled exhilaration and beauty. If you run it on low-grade contaminated fuel, the performance will be lacking and inconsistent, you will never experience its true nature. If you switch to clean, pure, high-grade fuel... it will fly!


This is a good analogy to running a top-end hi-fi system via a James Audio power conditioner. The improvement is immediate and significant. The music is more detailed, lively and dynamic. The ‘silence' is at a lower level, the transients are cleaner and more relaxed.


Listening fatigue is reduced also; not by what is added to the music but by what is removed. The mains supply which powers hi-fi equipment is shared with other electrical equipment which adds noise to the network. Not just the annoying ‘clicks' and ‘pops' but other, more insidious noise, outside of the audible range, which affects the electronics but which speakers cannot turn into sound pressure. You don't even notice this noise until it is removed. This is a similar experience to shutting down a PC, where the cooling fan noise is only registered at the instant it stops.  Suddenly silence is redefined. Of course you could have heard the fan noise if you'd listened, but you can't hear ultra-sonic and radio-frequency noise.



So what improvements can I expect?

One effect of this inaudible noise is to ‘dither' the voltage waveforms, adding both phase and amplitude uncertainty. This is manifest to the listener as reduced positional definition, compressed dynamic range and a general loss of clarity. When the power conditioner is used, the sound stage comes into sharper focus, allowing the individual instruments and voices to be separated. You are better able selectively to enjoy the performance of an individual musician, whilst being perfectly aware of the other performers surrounding them. You will experience a new level of subtlety and detail.



Why do I need a mains conditioner?

Surely manufacturers of expensive equipment go to pains to ensure all this noise is filtered out? The simple answer is – they can't, it would be impractical! What makes this unit totally effective also makes it far too expensive and heavy (18kg) to include in each hi-fi component!



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